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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sexual "Freedom"

  Abstinence until marriage is outdated. Is it even right to enter into a marriage where both parties haven't explored their sexual identities? Never buy a car without taking it for a test drive. Sexual intimacy is a huge part of a relationship and you need someone you're compatible with.

HOWEVER...sexual freedom should not be misinterpreted as a pass to sleep with anything and everything! Just because men sleep around does not mean that it is right. Women having sexual freedom should NOT mean imitating male behavior. It's OK to have some notches in your bed post, but try not to have so many that it looks like your bed was attacked by termites.

  My biggest and only real issue with sexual promiscuity is based on health issues. I worked in a hospital for about a year and I got the best uncensored sex education of my life! I watched young girls (13yrs old +) undergo C-sections due to congenital diseases. It was an eye opener and legs closer. 

1 in 5 people have congenital herpes. Now look around your classroom or office and count with me...

1, 2, 3, 4, HERPES..1, 2, 3, 4, HERPES 
Yup, those are the statistics you're looking at.

 About 80% of young women will contract HPV before the age of 25. HPV is not detectable in men. The only way to know for sure if he breaks out in warts or sores and only about 5% show any visual symptoms. So wrap it up! If a guy tells you he is "clean" SOUND THE BULLSHIT ALARM, he has no idea whether he's "clean" or not. Men hate going to the doctor.

Attention Young Girls!!!!
  You know those nasty hamburger-meat genital pictures they show you in a school assembly to scare you? Well, what they are not telling you is that those pictures are EXTREME documented cases. The people in the pictures are probably riddled with other diseases. This is a stupid scare tactic.
Sexually transmitted diseases are undetectable with the human eye, so be careful. A penis with a disease looks like a penis without a disease, so Condom! Condom! Condom! 

What's your favorite color? They make condoms in those colors. Buy some.

*If you are scared to buy condoms, email me and I will  mail you some. 

A Note From Serendipity: Believe it or not ladies, men respect you more when you don't sleep around. This isn't sexist. Don't you respect men more when they don't sleep around? If you want guys to take you seriously, don't sleep with everyone on the block! Even if your milk shake does in fact bring all the boys to the yard. Do not be the town bicycle.. AKA Do not act a slut.

Feathers x Serendipity


  1. it's a fine line between slut and emancipated woman. *sigh*

  2. FYI there is no such thing as a 'slut', the use of that term is so harmful and offensive and you are an idiot for using it. I could decide right now you are a slut...
    Yes I don't respect most men who sleep around - and this is because their reasons of sleezy privaleged male behaviours and machismo, are VERY different to women who simply enjoy sex. Men do it because of idiotic machismo. Women are still seeking permission to simply get laid. Therefore I don't, and would have no right to, respect women ANY less for sleeping around, and neither have you. It is none of your business. Live and learn sweetheart.